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Para poder hacer uno de nuestros cursos primero tienes que estar registrado en nuestra plataforma, accede en la opción de menú acceder a Registrarte. una vez se te haya confirmado el registro podrás acceder a los cursos.

Hay dos tipos de cursos, los “Abiertos” que cualquier usuario registrado puede hacer sin plazo de finalización. y los cursos “Oficiales” que son aquellos promovidos por organismos públicos con los que hemos establecido convenios y cuya ventaja principal es que están certificados con un título, una vez superada la formación. Éstos están sujetos a un calenario, plazos y límite de alumnos,

Employees often learn from each other, and a majority of learning in an organization is informal learning – or learning in the flow of work. It’s important to encourage and capture organization-wide collaboration for increased productivity, social learning, and cross-team communication. 

A modern learning software should encourage collaborative learning – the ability to follow and share colleague updates, join communities, discuss projects and learning, and share appreciation and knowledge across multiple teams. As employee expectation and required skills shift, it’s important to capture informal learning, and drive increased adoption of a common learning system with modern capabilities.

We do not offer free trials. If you purchase and decide within 30 days that LearnDash isn’t going to be the right fit for your project, you are eligible for reimbursement per our refund policy.

All we ask is that if you do encounter a roadblock that you reach out to our support team so that we can provide assistance ?.

All customers receive access to start-up guides, documentation, community forums, and help desk via the LearnDash Support site. Please see our Support Policy for additional details.

We offer 24/5 support primarily via forums and email, which we have found to be the most efficient means for both our customers and our support staff.

By default, all web pages are served using HTTPS. Our Amazon cloud infrastructure is hosted in a virtual private cloud. All personal passwords are encrypted. Our e-commerce integration is PCI compliant, and financial data never even touches our servers.

 All access to files, such as images and videos, are via URLs that are individually encrypted for each user to prevent unauthorized sharing of resources. Our database is encrypted at rest.

Absolutely! You can get a share link for each course that allows an end-user to complete it without having to register first.